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Allen Fisher Reading from Black Pond 7, Cardiff and Hereford, September 2021


Allen Fisher and Lyndon Davies performing proceeds in the garden hat tactileBOSCH, Cardiff, 25th September 2021


Allen Fisher performing Black Pond 8 with Lyndon Davies at tactileBOSCH, Cardiff, 13th September 2021


Eleanor Perry, Juha Virtanen and Allen Fisher reading in Hereford 2019

AF with Nell and Juha Hereford Beacon, Malvern Hills_DSC3493

AF reads last two sets from Black Pond 8.

JV reads from DOOM ENGINE (datableed editions, 2019).

EP reads from Unspeakable Poems of the House (salò press, 2020).

salò press

 * *  *

Rob Holloway and Allen Fisher reading in Hereford 2018

Rob Holloway and Allen Fisher reading in Hereford 2018

RH reads from part 2 and from part 3 of Second Sun.

AF reads for early parts of Black Pond 8.

Flesh Rays / Daytrain by Rob Holloway 

now published and available from IF P THEN Q:

Rob Holloway Flesh Rays / Daytrain published today

* * *

Lyndon Davies and Allen Fisher reading in Hereford 2016

Allen and Lyn 170812

Part One. 15m 23sec.

1 AF reads No Longer Alone 26 then 25.

2 LD reads an early version of ‘Dada Yodel’ from Ritual Scores included in Bridge 116.

3 AF reads No Longer Alone 24

4 LD reads The Black Bog from Bridge 116.

Part Two. 13m 22sec.

1. AF reads No Longer Alone 23.

2. AF reads No Longer Alone 22.

3. LD reads early versions from a series called ‘One Finger Exercises’

4. LD reads a draft of ‘The Rising of the Usk’ now included in Bridge 116.


Black Ponds

a facture and gathering of drawings, paintings,

in situ performances and presentations

supported and assisted by Arts Alive Wales

with support from BBC Wales and many others

September 2016, March 2017 and ongoing


Kessingland.good copy

Chest Breath, 1978, audio recording


Constructed Rush V

Drawing Performance, 2006, audio extract


Homage to Walter De Maria.


An extract from The Art of Flight 

recorded by Chris Carter at the COUM/THROBBING GRISTLE STUDIOS in 1976,

and originally issued on cassette by Balsam Flex.


TRAPS: an extensive project involving poetry, drawing, painting, talking, performing

TRAP studies and paintings: a selection (9.4 MB)

Traps or Tools & Damage, an essay


ZIP from Gravity as a consequence of shape 


links to recordings of allen fisher reading


long shout to kernewek

archive of the now

from SCRAM

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