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An Allen Fisher Companion

ALLEN FISHER A bibliography 1969-2019.

The bibliography covers the main published items 1969-2019, and does not include, with a few exceptions, the numerous magazine and journal publications republished in book form.  Graphic work characterised as illustrations done for publications written or performed by others has not been included.  Paintings made to stand alone have been excluded from this bibliography (except where there is a composite of text, film, graphic work and painting involved).


The Allen Fisher Reader: selections from poetry and other works, edited by Redell Olsen and Drew Milne, Bristol: Shearsman, forthcoming.


Black Pond, Spanner, 2020.

No Longer Alone, a sequence of 28 poems with a set of photographs by Paige Mitchell, Spanner, 2019.

Black Pond 7, a publication of the poetry with ten specific pictures, in an edition limited to 15 copies measuring 51 x 73 cm (20 x 29”), printed on an HP 10,000, Spanner, 2018.

loggerheads, consisting of a sequence of meditational stanzas, a poem addressed to the redistribution of waste, a small sequence named drawn rooms, the poem Marbles, and two sets of drawings using consumer packages and wire as materials, Spanner, Hereford, 2018.

The Imperfect Fit: Aesthetic function, facture and perception in art and writing after 1950, University of Alabama Press, 2016.

Ideas on the culture dreamed of, a reprint to be issued by The Literary Pocket Book, Pontypridd, 2016.

Gravity as a consequence of shape, a volume bringing together the collected books from the 1982-2007 sequence, Hastings: Reality Street, 2016.

PLACE, a volume bringing together the collected books from the 1970s’ sequence, Hastings: Reality Street, a new edition 2016.

Fall air Sound, after the Three Choirs Festival, Apple Store Gallery, 2015

TIP REGARD, poetry from the occasion of the Fifth Sussex Poetry Festival, Hereford: Spanner, 2014.

’The idea of sequence in works by Bill Griffiths’, Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry, 2014.

SPUTTOR, poetry and images, collages and quotations, London: Veer Books, 2014.

DEFAMILIARISING ____________ *  a reprint of the 1982 book republished in facsimile format and with an added preface, London: Veer Books, 2013.

drawn rooms, as a concertina book, Pontypridd: The Literary Pocket Book, 2013.

The Marvels of Lambeth, Interviews and statements by Allen Fisher, 1973-2005, compiled and edited by Andrew Duncan, Exeter: Shearsman, 2013.

‘Cogent attention in the work of Pierre Joris’, in Pierre Joris – Cartographies of the In-Between, edited by Peter Cocklbergh, Prague, Litteraria Pragensia Books, 2011.

‘William Burroughs and Engaged Damage’, edited by John Wills, with Patricia Allmer and John Sears. European Journal of American Culture, volume 30, number 2, Bristol: Intellect, 2011.

PROPOSALS, 1-35, poem-image-commentary, Hereford: Spanner, 2010.

‘Complexity Manifold 2: hypertext’, Louis Armand (ed.). Hidden Agendas. Unreported Poetics, Prague: Litteraria Pragensia Books, 2010.

Birds, poetry from Proposals, Old Hunstanton, Norfolk: Oystercatcher Press, 2009.

‘iDamage’, essay, Justin Katko (ed.) Plantarchy Cambridge: Critical Documents 3, 2008.

LEANS, volume three from Gravity as a consequence of shape, Cambridge: Salt Publishing, 2007.

Confidence in lack, four essays, Sutton: Writers Forum, 2007.

Quietly Random, poetry, Manchester: Matchbox, 2007.

‘Sitting Room’ article in exhibition catalogue, Alsager, Cheshire and Manchester, 2006.

singularity stereo, poetry from Gravity as a consequence of shape, London: Barque, 2006.

Stroll and Strut Step, poetry from Gravity as a consequence of shape, with visual work, Hereford: Spanner, 2004.

ENTANGLEMENT, volume two from Gravity as a consequence of shape, Willowdale, Ontario: The Gig, 2004.

GRAVITY, volume one from Gravity as a consequence of shape, West Perth, Australia and Cambridge: Salt Publications, 2004.



Allen Fisher- writing not included in lists of publications of poetry and visual work, 1969-2014.





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