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Black Pond

Black Pond cover front copy low res

The completed project, with poems and paintings.

310 x 430 mm, 12 x 17” (slightly larger than A3). 102 pages on silk-fusion paper with board covers bound with black wire. 28 full-colour plates.

The second, final, edition of Black Pond now out of print


An Allen Fisher Companion

* * *



28 poems by Allen Fisher

with Power Displays: New York Lights, photographs by Paige Mitchell

a Spanner Limited Edition 2019, 189 x 246 cm, 74 printed pages

ISBN 0-85652-093-4

Simon Collings reviewed the book for Stride

Collings A web of entanglements | Stride magazine

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creek in the ceiling beam by Allen Fisher

first published 1973, now available as EPUB online

5 creek in the ceiling beam 0 cover and binding.jpeg
loggerheads cover

LOGGERHEADS, dedicated to Elliott Carter

a Spanner Limited Edition 2018, four sets of poems, three sets of drawings

and two illustrated essay fragments, 72pp. ISBN 0-85652-091-8

£17.00 incl. postage and packing to UK address.

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£22.00 incl. postage and packing to US address.

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Allen Fisher, COMBS for cris cheek, 1978, published by Spanner 1979, pdf here:



Imperfect Fit cover,6510.aspx

Imperfect Fit: Aesthetic Function, Facture, and Perception in Art and Writing since 1950 is an expansive and incisive examination of the patterns of connectedness in contemporary art and poetry. Allen Fisher—a highly accomplished poet, painter, critic, and art historian as well as a key figure in the British poetry revival of the 1960s and 1970s—has a close and discerning connection to his subjects.

In Imperfect Fit, Fisher focuses on the role of fracturing, ruptures, and breakages in many traditional ties between art and poetry, as well as the resulting use of collage and assemblage by practitioners of those arts. Fisher addresses, among other subjects, destruction as a signifier in twentieth-century art; the poetic employment of bureaucratic vocabularies and “business speak”; and the roles of public performance and memory loss in the fashioning of human knowledge and art.

Commonplace notions of coherence, logic, and truth are reimagined and deconstructed in this study, and Fisher concludes by suggesting that contemporary culture offers a particularly robust opportunity—and even necessity—to engage in the production of art as a pragmatic act. Scholars of art, poetry, and aesthetics will be engaged and challenged by this insightful work.

‘These extraordinary essays by poet and painter Allen Fisher are foundational texts for contemporary UK poetics. For more than thirty years, Fisher has developed highly original, practical aesthetics based on a deep understanding of physics and psychology as well as art history, poetics, and philosophy. His poetry and his art works have consistently explored the ethics and aesthetics of the interrelatedness of science, art, and everyday life. In this essential book, Fisher persuasively gives the arts new scale and relevance in a scientific era.’ Peter Middleton, author of The Inward Gaze: Masculinity and Subjectivity in Modern Culture and Distant Reading: Performance, Readership, and Consumption in Contemporary Poetry

‘Few books about poetics are as hopeful and wide ranging as this one. Imperfect Fit should put an end once and for all to modernism’s nostalgia for order as it describes varieties of a more pertinent practice in poetry and art.’ Keith Tuma, editor of Anthology of Twentieth-Century British and Irish Poetry



the poems complete in one volume from Reality Street £18

Gravity as a consequence cover

Simon Collings review:


Ideas of the culture dreamed of


First published by Spanner Editions in 1983, Ideas on the culture dreamed of provides a glossary for the work Defamiliarising_____* and develops the list of jazz dances used as titles in Gravity as a consequence of shape. The book is composed of alphabetised entries on issues of perception, memory and the vocabularies of physics, many of which were included in the initial chapbook publications of Gravity…. Pulling together broad-ranging research in bitesized definitions of the project’s key terms, such as collage, chreod, acuity, plasma, quasars, red shift and singularity, the text complements and enhances the reading of Gravity as a consequence of shape, as well as Defamiliarising____* and other works underway when that project was initiated.

Available from £6.00


0 TIP REGARD cover prep 6


Four damaged sequences, three extracted from completed books and one from a project underway: three Human Poems (now part of SPUTTOR published Veer Books 2014; five from No Longer Alone, still in progress; two from Gravity as a consequence of shape, volume three, published as LEANS by Salt 2007; ten from loggerheads, scheduled for publication by Spanner in 2016. 23 x 15.5 cm, 40 pages. Spanner 2014.

£8.00 per copy (GBP sterling) to UK.
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£12.00 per copy (GBP sterling) surface mail USA and elsewhere.
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SPUTTOR new from Veer Books

Sputtor p1.cover

There has been an extensive, six-part response to SPUTTOR from David Miller in South Korea:




The Marvels of Lambeth. Interviews & Statements by Allen Fisher,

edited by Andrew Duncan and published by Shearsman, Paperback, 214pp. 9x6ins, £12.95 / $20

ISBN 9781848612730

Andrew Duncan says of this book:

“The first interview dates from 1973. I took the decision to collect old interviews rather than make an all-new book. I am fascinated by the idea of a very long base line, records of one person’s views over 30 years, change as part of the object recorded. Drawing on the creative input of Eric Mottram, Adrian Clarke, and Victoria Sheppard (among others) made the book more robust and embracing. The trackless wastes of the Mottram tape archive made an especial call. Those interviews were so hard to find that I want to make them easy to find. Of course there may be interviews I’ve missed. I’ve also included some explanations from Prosyncel, which is now unavailable. You can still buy Ideas on the Culture Dreamed of, though. One of the tapes in Mottram’s archive is a 1978 talk at the Alembic workshop—not an interview, but a talk about the poetic process. I scarfed this up.”

A major overview of work by Allen Fisher will be published by Shearsman in late 2014, under the title of An Allen Fisher Reader.

Several books by Andrew Duncan are published by Shearsman: four collections of poetry including Threads of Iron and In Five Eyes (both 2013) and two volumes of criticism, most recently The Long 1950s (2012).

Cover painting, ‘Frenzy and Self-Control’ by Allen Fisher.

see review in Stride, from Robert Sheppard


PROPOSALS, 1-35, poem-image-commentary

76pp. incl. 35 images in colour

published  by SPANNER 2010

£12.50 per copy posted first class UK

£17.50 (GBP sterling only please) surface mail USA and elsewhere

Ian Davidson in his essay ‘Poetry Truth and the World: Allen Fisher and Alan Badiou’,

looks at Proposals

Davidson Fisher Poetry Truth and World update 1907

review by Robert Sheppard

and comment by Pierre Joris


Buy Proposals 6 as a Five Seasons Broadside

from Five Seasons Press.

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 14.52.05.png


‘Complexity Manifold 2: hypertext’, in Hidden Agendas. Unreported Poetics (2010) edited by Louis Armand, Prague: Litteraria Pragensia.

Birds (2009) poems from Proposals, Norfolk: Oystercatcher Press.

Leans (2007, reissued 2013) Cambridge: Salt Publications.

Confidence in Lack (2007) Sutton, England: Writers Forum.

singularity stereo (2006) London, England: Barque Press.

PLACE (2005) Hastings, England: Reality Street,

see review by Andy Jordan.


Stroll and Strut Step (2004) Hereford, England: Spanner,

with 3 Meditation Studies in colour: 1. 2. 3.

14.50 per copy (GBP sterling only please) posted second class UK

16.40 surface mail USA and elsewhere

GBP cheques to SPANNER, 14 Hopton Road, Hereford HR1 1BE

To pay through PayPal press appropriate high-lit line below:

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Gravity shapes (2004) readings from Gravity as a consequence of shape,

London: STEM CD 02.

Entanglement (2004) Willowdale, Ontario, Canada: The Gig.

Gravity (2004) Cambridge, England: Salt Publications.

Emergent Manner (1999) Hereford: Spanner.

6.50 per copy (GBP sterling only please) posted second class UK

7.00 surface mail USA and elsewhere

GBP cheques to SPANNER, 14 Hopton Road, Hereford HR1 1BE

To pay through PayPal press appropriate high-lit line below:

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