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events 2021

Materials from the Garden

Performances at tactileBOSCH lounge 25th September 2021

Allen Fisher performing Black Pond 7
The Black Pond simulated for the performance by Torben Schacht
Allen Fisher Fisher asnd Lyn Davies performing proceeds in the garden
Allen Fisher sand Lyn Davies performing Black Pond 8 with projections by Penny Hallas

Photographs by Paige Mitchell


Materials from the Garden



Cardiff 10th to 30th September

In the midst of environmental, political and public health emergencies, Penny Hallas and Allen Fisher look to the garden, the allotment and the wider landscape for ways of thinking about their own place and the place of others in a world leaning towards disaster. Discomfort and anxiety are a part of it, but so are glimpses of paradise. Through drawing, installation, projection and performance they bring messages from the Garden to the commercial urban centre of Cardiff. 

tactileBOSCH, Capitol Centre, Queen Street, Cardiff, CF10 2HQ

Open Wednesday to Saturday, 10th – 30th Sept.

10th September 2 – 5pm – see the show and chat with Penny. 6-8pm – Opening event 

25th September 2 – 5pm see the show and chat with Penny. 7.00  – 8.00pm -performance with poetry, projection, music: Allen Fisher, Lyndon Davies and Penny Hallas. Booking for performance: more details to follow.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Deunyddiau o’r Ardd

Yng nghanol argyfyngau amgylcheddol, gwleidyddol ac iechyd cyhoeddus, mae Penny Hallas ac Allen Fisher yn edrych i’r ardd, y rhandir a’r dirwedd ehangach am ffyrdd o feddwl am eu lle personol a lleoliad pawb arall mewn byd sy’n pwyso tuag at drychineb. Mae anghysur a phryder yn cyfrannu iddo, ond hefyd yw’r cipolwg ar baradwys. Trwy luniadu, gorseddau, taflunio a pherfformiad maent yn dod â negeseuon o’r Ardd i ganolfan drefol fasnachol Caerdydd.

tactileBOSCH, Capitol Centre, Queen Street, Cardiff, CF10 2HQ

Ar agor dydd Mercher i ddydd Sadwrn, 10 – 30 Medi

10 Medi 2 – 5pm – gweler y sioe a sgwrsio gyda Penny. 6 – 8pm – Digwyddiad agoriadol

25 Medi 2 – 5pm – gweler y sioe a sgwrsio gyda Penny. 7.00 – 8.00pm – perfformiad gyda barddoniaeth, tafluniad, cerddoriaeth. Allen Fisher, Lyndon Davies a Penny Hallas. Archebu ar gyfer perfformiad: mwy o fanylion i ddilyn

Edrych ymlaen i weld chi!

Allen Fisher, proceeds in the garden, recto (iv), 2019.



Allen Fisher’s work in Three group exhibitions 2021

17th July to 28th August.

Without Borders at the Elysium gallery, Swansea City Centre.

At the end of the elysium exhibition, the pages will be bound together to make a book and taken to another venue to be taken apart, displayed, and then reassembled before moving again to its next location.

The exhibition will travel to Japan, Norway, USA, Venice, Canada, and back to Wales. The project will also be globally accessible via an e-catalogue.

At the end of the tour, the artworks will permanently be bound together to create one unique artist book, to be housed in a special collection’s library which will be announced at a later date.

Curated by Jonathan Powell, elysium gallery Director and Heather Parnell, co-editor of 1SSUE artist books. The project salutes the diversity of creativity, showcasing the work of all participating artists democratically, in a format that is portable and accessible. The ‘Artists Book’ serves as the vessel and sets the parameters into the exploration of the notion of Borders.

3rd September to 2nd October

Herefordshire Open at The Courtyard, Hereford.

Opening in November

Herefordshire Art & Craft Society annual at The Courtyard, Hereford.

See gallery page for details


WEA Leominster Autumn 2021

How Modernism Works


8 weeks, Tuesday mornings, 28th September until 16th November (without a break)

The aim of this course is to comprehend and enjoy the developments of Modernist art after the close of the second World War. The course provides brief surveys of the preceding one hundred years but focuses attentions on examples of paintings and sculpture produced after 1945. The course explores the exuberant variety of art practices and reviews specific developments of measurement and construction in tow with happenstance and disruption. 

Community Centre, School Lane, Leominster, HR6 8NJ


ONLINE Autumn 2021

The Enlightenment and the Romantics: 

paintings in Britain and Europe


8 weeks, Wednesday 11.15-12.45 online, 8th October until 24th November  (without break)

The course will focus on narrative, portrait and landscape painting in Britain and Europe from the eighteenth century and the first half of the nineteenth century. It will use a selection of examples to trace and celebrate the different genres.


Allen Fisher Formerly Now 2019


Decoherence Aesthetics

Paris School of Arts and Culture of the University of Kent

Reid Hall, 4 rue de chevreuse, 75006, PARIS

A talk given on 6.30 pm, 15th March 2018

now online:

and at:


Black Pond 2016-2017


reading at Edge Hill 8 March 2017


The text, slide list and notes for the talks TESTING & EXPERIMENTING

given at Birkbeck in February and at Northumbria in March 2013,

in Chicago and at Notre Dame, Indiana in autumn 2011, can be accessed here.

The text, slide list and notes for the talk THE ÆSTHETICS OF THE IMPERFECT FIT

given at Royal Holloway in March 2013, derived from the Glasfryn Seminars, February 2012

and the synthesis made for Birmingham City University, December 2012, can be accessed here.

The comments box has been opened for responses.


Talk Three from 21st October available here


Notes and extensions to The Complexity Manifold: Ohio synthesis.


Notes and extensions to The Complexity Manifold: Cambridge synthesis, 2nd March 2011:

Cambridge synthesis Talk One.

Cambridge synthesis Talk Two.

Cambridge synthesis Talk Two addenda.

Notes and extensions to The Complexity Manifold: PARC NW synopsis, 13th April 2011:

Complexity synopsis for PARC NW


Notes and extensions to The Complexity Manifold: The Falmouth synthesis, 22nd June 2011

The Falmouth synthesis.

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