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Reading hosted by the Centre for Poetry and Poetics, Sheffield, via Zoom

7pm 20 May 2021 (19.00 UTC)

Ulli Freer, Kinga Tóth, Tim Atkins , Carrie Etter, Allen Fisher

Allen Fisher will be reading from Proposals 1, Strut Step from Leans, No Longer Alone 23, Properties 1 & 2, ‘at every moment’, Piano Knots 1, Basins of attractors 1, and a selection from Black Pond.

Proposals, Hereford: Spanner, 2010.

Leans, Gravity as a consequence of shape volume 3, Cambridge: Salt, 2007.

No Longer Alone, Hereford: Spanner, 2019.

Properties 1 and 2 appeared in The Café Review in Portland, Maine, 2021.

‘at every moment’ appeared in datableed, 2015.

2 Piano Knots, London: Earthbound Press, 2021.

Black Pond, Hereford: Spanner, 2020.


WEA Spring 2021                    

Innovative British Landscape Painting


6 sessions from 1st June to 6th July 2021  (without break)

Tuesdays 11.15 am 

This a repeat of the six-session course from April-May 2021. The course will focus on innovative landscape painting in Britain, taken back to the eighteenth century. It will use a selection of examples to trace and celebrate this tradition from its early days in works by Richard Wilson and Joseph Wright of Derby onto the nineteenth-century works by J.M.W. Turner and John Constable. The course will then take an excursion through the invented landscapes and their derivatives from Samuel Palmer and Paul Nash to Graham Sutherland and Wilhelmina Barnes-Graham. The course will conclude with selections from the twentieth-century work of Joan Eardley, Geoffrey Olsen and Peter Lanyon and subsequent work by Thérèse Oulton and Kate Corbett-Winder, Penny Hallas and Emma Stibbon. 

The course will include Close Views of work by Richard Wilson, John Constable, J.M.W. Turner, Paul Nash, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, Peter Lanyon, Joan Eardley and Geoffrey Olsen. 


Allen Fisher Formerly Now 2019


Decoherence Aesthetics

Paris School of Arts and Culture of the University of Kent

Reid Hall, 4 rue de chevreuse, 75006, PARIS

A talk given on 6.30 pm, 15th March 2018

now online:

and at:


Black Pond 2016-2017


reading at Edge Hill 8 March 2017


The text, slide list and notes for the talks TESTING & EXPERIMENTING

given at Birkbeck in February and at Northumbria in March 2013,

in Chicago and at Notre Dame, Indiana in autumn 2011, can be accessed here.

The text, slide list and notes for the talk THE ÆSTHETICS OF THE IMPERFECT FIT

given at Royal Holloway in March 2013, derived from the Glasfryn Seminars, February 2012

and the synthesis made for Birmingham City University, December 2012, can be accessed here.

The comments box has been opened for responses.


Talk Three from 21st October available here


Notes and extensions to The Complexity Manifold: Ohio synthesis.


Notes and extensions to The Complexity Manifold: Cambridge synthesis, 2nd March 2011:

Cambridge synthesis Talk One.

Cambridge synthesis Talk Two.

Cambridge synthesis Talk Two addenda.

Notes and extensions to The Complexity Manifold: PARC NW synopsis, 13th April 2011:

Complexity synopsis for PARC NW


Notes and extensions to The Complexity Manifold: The Falmouth synthesis, 22nd June 2011

The Falmouth synthesis.

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