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allen fisher

An Allen Fisher Companion



The Journal of Poetics Research (JPR 07) published

Necessary vulnerability: a substantial interview with Allen Fisher

by Simon Collings.

Collings Necessary vulnerability


Some responses to Proposals here:

Ian Davidson in his essay ‘Poetry Truth and the World: Allen Fisher and Alan Badiou’,

looks at Proposals Davidson Fisher Poetry Truth and World update 1907

Proposals a  review by Robert Sheppard

and Proposals  comment from Pierre Joris


an exchange between Steven Hitchins and Allen Fisher

Steven Hitchins: Kinghorn Quantum


links to writings about aspects of allen fisher’s work

Robert Sheppard:

Charles Bernstein, Allen Fisher and the poetic thinking that results

a collage about some of the work

interview with OPENNED and interview pdf with OPENNED

extensive reviews

Gravity and Entanglement

Future Exiles

British Electronic Poetry Centre

Birds reviewed by Ralph Hawkins

Good reads

a review of The Marvels of Lambeth by  Robert Sheppard


Allen Fisher’s WEA course texts



Poetry Buzz

links to others’ sites!zone-one-launch/cpqv

john wall