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allen fisher

An Allen Fisher Companion


Brief biography. Allen Fisher has been involved in performance and installation art since 1970. A poet, painter, publisher and art historian, has produced over one hundred and fifty chapbooks, artbooks and books of poetry, graphics and art documentation. He was editor of Edible Magazine, co-ed and publisher of Aloes Books and of New London Pride and edits Spanner. He is also Emeritus Professor of Poetry & Art at the Manchester Metropolitan University and lives in Hereford. He has exhibited paintings and objects in many shows including a one-man show in Hereford 2013, in London 2003, retrospective shows at York 1993 and at the Hereford City Art Gallery and Museum 1994. Examples of his work are in the Tate collection, London, the King’s College Archive, London and the Living Museum, Iceland, as well as private collections in Australia, Britain, UAE and the USA. His last six books were BLACK POND (2020); No Longer Alone (2019); IMPERFECT FIT: Aesthetic Function, Facture & Perception in Art and Writing since 1950 (2016); GRAVITY AS A CONSEQUENCE OF SHAPE (2016); PLACE, (1971-1981, a new collected edition 2016); Ideas on the Culture Dreamed of (1983, reissued 2016).

Illustrations for The Allen Fisher Companion are on the gallery page


The Journal of Poetics Research (JPR 07) published

Necessary vulnerability: a substantial interview with Allen Fisher

by Simon Collings.

Collings Necessary vulnerability


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